Zeolite (4-6 mm)

Zeolite (4-6 mm)

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What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a versatile soil amendment which provides nutrient retention, aeration, water retention and through its highly porous nature (and the capillary effect) it acts as a wetting agent.

Zeolite is a highly porous negatively charged (anionic) mineral which is able to capture positively charged molecules (cations) like Nitrogen and Potassium and slowly release them back into your soil, leading to increased yields and more efficient use of nutrients within your soil.

It does not break down over time and will continue to add to the soil structure over time. It has the ability to retain water if heavily wet or provide aeration if dry, this leads to it being a versatile soil amendment which you can use in a concentration best suited to your water style (ie) Light waters use more.

Zeolite is not acidic and therefore will not negatively effect your soil microbes or plants, and can be used in a soil mix or as a mulch layer.


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