OGS Ready-To-Grow NoTill Kit (5 Gallon)

OGS Ready-To-Grow NoTill Kit (5 Gallon)

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What is it ?

The OGS Ready-To-Grow NoTill Kit comes with everything you need to start growing vibrant, aromatic plants using organic principles. This kit will allow you to dip your toe into the world of organic growing, or simply save a bunch of time and effort for the experienced gardener! 

Simply put the soil in your pot and off you go! we recommend your plant is at least 4-5 nodes big you can apply the mulch layer to ensure the root mass is adequately developed before watering the entire topsoil. 

What is included in the kit?

1x 5 Gallon OGS Fabric Pot

17L OGS Premium NoTill Soil (including base and aeration)

600g Alfalfa Meal

Please note that each all in one pot weights aprox 10kg AND occupies the same volume as a 25L bag for when you are selecting your shipping option.