OGS Premium Aeration Mix

OGS Premium Aeration Mix

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Our Premium Aeration Mix is perfect to keep your soil aerobic. It is composed of Pumice (20%), Perlite (25%) Rice Hulls (50%) and Zeolite (5%) to bring fantastic air-filled porosity, room for microorganisms to live, additional cationic exchange capacity and slow release Nitrogen and Silica to your soil.

What does each component contribute?

Pumice: Pumice makes up the majority of the mix and provides excellent air-filled porosity to keep your soil aerobic.

Perlite: Highly porous and light weight, this adds aeration for roots to thrive, while being a quick drying component of the mixture.

Rice Hulls: Rice Hulls are a fantastic source of aeration that slowly release Nitrogen and Silica into the soil, ultimately increasing the resilience of your plants. They will break down slowly over time.

Zeolite: Zeolite will slowly release the nutrients and water it stores over time. The open crystalline structure of Zeolite is occupied by cations and water molecules which are able to move into cavities allowing cationic exchange and reversible rehydration. 

Sold per bag, at approx. 25 litres per bag.