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What is it ?

Magnesite is a carbonate based rock, comprised mostly og MgCO3. This makes it both a source of Magnesium, as well as a liming course (due to CO3 being a weak acid compared to Magenium which is a strong base (Mg2+ is a Lewis acid for anyone whos up to date with their inorganic chemistry).

The brilliance of Magnesite is that you dont drag any additional anions with it, Ie) Nitrates, Hydroxides or Sulfates. You can purely add Mg to your soil without effectings the ratio of other nutritional sources. 

How does it work ?

Magnesite over time is broken down by microbes within the soil. This both releases magnesium which then is accessable to the plant through humic and fulvic type chelation molecules, as well as facultive transport via mycorhizea.

We recommend you use 1/8 cup per 25L of soil.

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