Dolomite Lime

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What is it ? 

OGS Dolomite Lime is a high quality calcium based Liming agent that is sure to improve the quality and yield of your crop. The benefits of lime have been long known since the days of the roman empire, when they observed the added fertility it brought to soil, as well as the intrinsic buffering capacity it has in regards to pH. 

How does it work ? 

Dolomite Lime helps to reduce soil acidity and is a fantastic source of both calcium and magnesium. It assists in the formation of humate and humus, as well as sustaining vital microbial bacteria that assist in the breakdown of minerals such as Phosphorous and Silica - overall facilitating a greater quantity and diversity of nutrients available to your plants!

both Calcium and Magnesium are fundamental nutrients for your plants and both are required in moderate, consistent levels. This makes dolomite a perfect addition to your soil as it avoids the peak and trough situation that occurs when supplementing large volumes of amendments, which wont assist your soil long term (in regards to Ca and Mg). 



We recommend using 1/4 cup of dolomite per 25L of soil If you also have oyster shell flour in your mix, otherwise use 1/2 cup of dolomite per 25L for soil mixes without oyster shell flour.