Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to add additional ingredients, or cook your compost mixes?
No! Our Compost Mixes are already completely cooked and ready for you to use immediately.

Do your compost blends require any additional nutrients?
Our compost blends have been designed to allow incredible results with water only, however they are also completely customisable to your style! You are able to do whatever topdressing, mulching or companion planting you wish, and tailor our soil to your specific liking.

How much compost do I get per bag?
We ship our soil in approx 23L bags, however this does not reflect the true volume of the medium at all. You will need to mix the compost blends in a 1:1:1 ratio of Compost : Coco Coir : Aeration (Pumice or Perlite), which will results in an approximate end volume of 70L. 

How do I use the 'SuperSoil' mix?
Our 'SuperSoil' mix is an extremely nutrient dense compost mix.We recommend that you only fill the bottom 1/2 of the pot with 'SuperSoil' and then place a 2-3cm layer of potting mix on top (minimum). After this you can transplant into the pot and fill the surrounding space with regular potting mix or worm castings (vermicompost). We need to strongly suggest that you never allow the roots of a freshly transplanted rootball come into direct contact with SuperSoil.

How do I use the 'Coots' Compost Mix?
The 'Coots' blend is designed to be more mild in nutrients than our SuperSoil blend. We advise that you transplant into the 'Coots' Compost Mix shortly after a plant's root system is established, however we have heard of people germinating directly into Coots. 

Do you offer consultation services?
Yes, we do! We work in conjunction with several of Australia's leading soil laboratories to offer a wide range of soil analysis, as well as troubleshooting and optimization reports. Contact us for more information.